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Why you need a copywriter

A blank page can be a daunting prospect for many people, especially when that page needs to be filled with engaging copy. A vast expanse of brilliant white, staring back in anticipation. The pressure is on, but do you have the skills to market your business successfully? Can you captivate and entice your target audience? Can you implement your brand strategy effectively? Do you have the time?

No? Well it's probably best you call in the experts.

Here's a run down of what a professional copywriter can offer you and your business:

Gloriously captivating content.

Words are the most powerful weapon in your companies armoury. A vital tool in connecting you with potential new clients while maintaining your great relationship with existing ones. They are what sell your business and promote your brand. Take a second to think about how you communicate your message online and in print, what have you got? That's right my friend, words. A professional copywriter will know exactly how to utilise their words to prompt a positive response from your audience, to convert readers into customers. You may feel that anybody can write great copy but an expert is an expert for a reason. Through study, research and on the job experience they know how to connect with readers, clearly and concisely. Remember, great copy sells, bad copy doesn't. Trust the experts.

A fresh perspective.

Sometimes it's best to get a fresh perspective, another pair of eyes to deliver an objective view of your project. A copywriter will not be distracted by other tasks relating to your product and can focus solely on delivering a message that will connect with your audience. They can simplify that complex industry speak into simple, easy to understand text. It's important to remember who you are writing for, a copywriter certainly will and will provide fresh, original copy to suit.


Time is our most valuable resource, it's also the easiest resource to misuse. We have all heard the saying 'Time is money' and to a degree that's true, especially in business. Writing effective copy is a time-consuming task even for a professional copywriter, can you do your product justice while working to an already packed schedule? Probably not, so bring in a professional, you can direct your focus elsewhere and your writer can do what they do best, crafting killer content.

A broad knowledge of all online platforms.

Everyone has an online presence these days, businesses will more than likely have a website and range of social media profiles to help improve their outreach. But did you know that each platform has a different set of posting requirements? Or that each profile will target a different area of your audience? A copywriter can produce copy for all of these formats, reworking your content and making it serve its purpose on each platform. This means you can spread your key message in a way that lets your audience receive it via their preferred outlet. A copywriter will be able to help you deliver original content for all of your readers on all the major platforms. Can you convert a reader in just 140 characters? A great copywriter can.

Money in your pocket, clients at your door.

Consider this, let's say you charge £100 per hour for your services. Every hour you spend focussing your efforts on copywriting is an hour down on your speciality. At £100 per hour this quickly adds up, can you afford to take the risk? Hiring a copywriter will allow you to focus on your business, offer you peace of mind and a guarantee that your copy will do exactly what you need it to, pull in the punters. Great copy will convert readers in to buyers and in turn increase your profits. Spend your time preparing for all the new customers you are going to have, invest in a copywriter and everybody wins.

Great copywriters are artists, they paint with words. They have the ability to transform the most mundane of topics into an inspiring story, a story your customers will want to be a part of. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level find yourself a great copywriter. It might just be the most important investment you make.

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